Day 4 – complete a 1000 piece puzzle


Now I don’t know about anyone else but I was under the complete misconception that this would take me a couple of hours tops and I’d be finished in time to spend the evening lying on the couch with a bug bucket of popcorn and season 8 of House. Although I’m a little behind on blogging my 25 things to do in June I am actually on day 7… And I’ve still only done about 2/3 of this stupid puzzle -.-

I’m reluctant to give up but I do actually have serious doubts about finishing this puzzle even before the end of summer! It’s one of those annoying ones which is practically all one colour so the only way to proceed is to try and jam every piece into a space until one fits – that actually isn’t how I wanted to spend my summer believe it or not. Who’s idea was putting this on my list again? If I ever remember I might have to kill them πŸ™‚

Needless to say; I’m not a patient person, if something takes trial and error I’d sooner quit while I’m ahead than spend the next week jamming 600 puzzle pieces into one space until I find the one that fits….just to do it again…and again and again and again.

Yep – puzzle Is going out the window. I’m decided πŸ™‚

Excuse the boring post. If it’s any consolation it can’t be as boring as the puzzle actually was xD

Signing Off

The SherbertButterfly


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